Osteopathy in the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands the following authorities for osteopathy are active:

  • College voor Osteopathie (CvO)
  • Stichting Nederlands Register voor Osteopathie (NRO)
  • Nederlandse Vereniging voor Osteopathie (NVO)

The College voor Osteopathie (CvO) is an independent council whose responsibility is the promotion of the quality of the osteopath profession.

The Stichting Nederlands Register voor Osteopathie (NRO) is the executive and supervising organ for the registered rules for the profession of osteopathy in the Netherlands. This is carried out by the various committees such as the Registration Committee, the Accreditation Committee and the Complaints Committee, the Board of Supervision and the Council of Appeal.

The Nederlandse Vereniging voor Osteopathie (NVO) promotes the interests of the osteopath and the client in general. In this organisation there are also various committees that attend to among other things PR, Insurances, Research, dissemination of information by issuing leaflets, maintenance of the website, etc. Together with the NRO the NVO has an influence on the rules of the Council of Osteopathy.