Is osteopathy reimbursed?

Yes, almost all health insurance companies reimburse a consultation partly or completely. Click here for a summary. For the exact details you had better consult the policy of your insurance company, because different conditions may apply per health care insurance and per policy. Since we are registered in the Nederlands Register voor Osteopathie (NRO), when covered by your policy, you will qualify for reimbursement. Your health care insurance has a list on which all the registered osteopaths are mentioned.

Is a reference of your family doctor necessary?

No, you do not need a reference. But a close cooperation with your family doctor may contribute to optimal care. For the osteopath the patient’s safety is of the utmost importance. He maintains the contacts with the physicians and in case of need or when additional information is necessary, he will immediately contact your family doctor or the specialist in attendance. The osteopath is educated to recognize symptoms of a serious illness and he will at all times report this. In cases of doubt there will always be consultation with your family doctor. We will not send a report to your family doctor, unless you request us to do so.